2021 Relaunch

As you may have noticed we have closed the vast majority of our ‘made to order items’ while we catch up with our backlog of orders and prepare for our 2021 relaunch! 

Zilla has grown very rapidly and suddenly over the last few months and has forced me to re think the way we work. I have made the decision that our items will no longer be ‘made to order’. As of next year we will be making our designs in advance and doing regular stock drops which are all ready to post.

When I first set up Zilla all of our items were personalised Letter Sweaters, so of course, everything needed to be made to order and we were operating on a much smaller scale than we are now. Our brand has evolved into something I’m so proud of but the way we work needs to change and evolve along side it. 

Despite growing from a team of 3 to a team of 10 in the space of a month, we still have a backlog of orders which will take us about 8 weeks to get through, not to mention the delays and problems involved in working though a national lockdown - and Christmas!! 

I know a lot of you are very happy to wait for our products but I am not at all comfortable with people waiting for this long and it has created a working environment that is more stressful than it needs to be for my team - and our customers! 

I absolutely hate making people wait and the prospect of disappointing people has become a bit too much, so it is vital that we take this time to prioritise the people who have already ordered and focus on getting their items made up and sent out as quickly as we can. 

I was nervous about taking this step and turning down orders is definitely not an easy decision, even if it is temporary, but we have been pushed beyond our limits this year and I’ve had to come to terms with the fact that the way we currently work is not sustainable on this scale. 

I’m now SO excited for our relaunch and a fresh new start, and want to thank you all so much for sticking with us! I cannot wait to show you all our new ideas - and be able to deliver them to you straight away!! 

Thanks again for your support and helping us build Zilla to where it is today,

Emily x